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The New Era Of Skincare, Less Is More And Does 1 Step Skincare Work

The New Era Of Skincare, Less Is More And Does 1 Step Skincare Work

Our skin is one of the most complex parts of our body, and we can see it’s healthiness right in front of us. Most of us have a variety of skin care concerns. Yes, you may be wanting to combat fine lines – but what about age spots? Redness in the skin? Oiliness? The truth is our skin is very complicated, and many of us have invested hours of our time, and much of our money in a variety of products that we haven’t seen all that much benefit from.

Because of this, in recent years we’ve seen a rise in many skin care trends and products. From 10-step korean routines, to layering masks, toners, oils, creams – product upon product upon product. Many of us are spending a small fortune on skincare, and often seeing very little in terms of real results. Layering products can actually cause some to counterbalance each other, making them ineffective. While all of these products may contain ingredients that benefit the skin individually, when you put them all together, they can actually cause more harm than good. It’s hard to know what mixes well together without being a dermatologist. While you may feel that layering a moisturiser, night cream, oil and a misting spray might all help your dehydrated skin – this could be actually be having the opposite effect – causing skin to dehydrate and flake over time by stripping away or over-balancing the natural oils in the skin. Many products are effective on their own, but by mixing them with chemicals from other products, you could strip away the effectiveness of their ingredients. We are seeing a new era in which people are simplifying their routines – investing in quality over quantity. Getting the right products can help you spend less money and see significantly better results. The trick is investing in products that are targeted specifically to your skin, and ditching the rest. 

House of Life London are the first company in the world to create targeted, 1-step skin care solutions. These products perfectly blend all of the ingredients of a multi-layered skin routine, skipping out on the need for multi-product usage. Take for example, product No30 – using 30 active ingredients targeted for dehydration – it combats everything from dehydration, to pigmentation, acne, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles. Along with this it also protects the skin from pollution, and helps to heal UV and Blue Light skin damage. Working directly with cosmetological scientists, House of Life have carefully blended together natural herbal ingredients to put maximum effectiveness into individual products. Their range of products covers all skin types and needs, meaning no need to fill up the bathroom with a hundred different alternatives. You simply need to select the right one for you and your skin type.

Not only does simplifying skincare benefit your skin (and your purse!), it also benefits the planet. Many of us go through hundreds, if not thousands of products over our lifetime – meaning more single use plastic. House of Life not only minimises this with their simplified skincare, they also source all of their ingredients, and manufacture their products locally – reducing mileage, water usage and materials. This is genuine sustainable skincare at it’s finest, and is as kind to the planet as it is to your skin. 

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