“I am absolutely delighted to have discovered House of London! As a sufferer of acne rosacea for the past few years, I have tried countless products (some of them very expensive) with little or no results. The photo on the left shows me during a recent “flare up” of my condition.

A combination of House of London’s “Reclaim” face oil and “”Vivace” face cream brought immediate comfort to my skin. The photo on the right was taken after about two weeks of use, and since starting with the products a month ago I have not experienced any of the dryness, soreness or irritation which were such a regular part of my life until then. Indeed my skin is glowing and I cannot exaggerate how much better it feels. And I no longer have to slap on two layers of foundation before venturing out of the house!

I would urge anybody with rosacea to try these gentle, natural and organic products, and hope that they will find similar relief to me. I will certainly not be switching back to any other brand!”.

Knotgrass rich in Flavonoids, inhibits cathepsin, a unique enzyme involved in photoageing. First natural active acting on photo-ageing. Knot grass increases firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Clinical trials using knotgrass extracts have proven that regular use reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Skin is left feeling smoother and firmer.

Knotgrass extracts are an effective form of protection against skin damage from UV and IR sources – a common cause of aged skin.