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Debbrah Craven-Smith-Milnes dedicated the first two decades of her adult life to global technology innovations. Her passion for combining science and her interest in health and beauty as well as her experience of an extreme skin reaction caused by a ‘trusted’ suncare brand which resulted in a three week painful episode, led her to develop and launch her own unique organic skincare range House of Life London in 2016. After 3 years of extensive research and working with some of the top experts in the industry, she created the concept of ON SKIN IN BODY. Debbrah aspired to enhance health through ON SKIN IN BODY by delivering the best of organic skincare products that are based on proven science and replacing toxins and synthetic chemicals with intensive true natural organic nutrients aiming to feed, correct and protect the skin naturally, safely and effectively from the outside in. Combined with an active skincare and healthcare educational programme which shares research on the latest innovations in natural science, she hopes to help people make better choices and reduce the levels of synthetic chemicals and toxins they apply to their skin that are often linked to chronic and sometimes fatal diseases such as cancer.


House of Life is proud to work with Dr. Lali Gegeshidze, one of Georgia’s most celebrated natural medicine doctors. Part of a family reknown for their expertise in herbalism, Dr. Gegeshidze draws from generations of knowledge and experience in the study of plants and their powers to heal. She has devoted most of her adult life to developing the family’s recipes which are used at her natural medicine clinic to treat issues such as burns, scaring, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, vitiligo, post-surgical healing, tissues recovery and more.

Dr. Gegeshidze’s exceptional achievements in treating complex skin complaints is well known across Georgia. As a result, she not only works as an independent practitioner but is invited to work at other clinics and organisations including the LLC Republican Hospital, Chapidze Emergency Cardiology Center and Tbilisi Burns Centre.


We set out to enhance your wellbeing with innovative, proven, natural, organic anti-ageing solutions. We aim to help to improve your health from the outside in. We believe less is more and we want to simplify the skincare landscape. For this reason, we offer multi-tasking formulations which are suitable for individual skin types and multiple skin concerns: our anti-ageing moisturises are dual purpose and are designed for day and night use.

We offer true, holistic, organic remedies which aim to deliver the highest benefits and value to our customers and communities. They are 100% natural, containing only the finest of organic, Ecocert or pharmaceutical graded ingredients that are handpicked and locally sourced.

We are committed to:

1. 100% focus on health
2. 100% focus on products’ completeness and effectiveness
3. 100% natural content
4. 100% organic or pharmaceutical graded ingredients
5. Sustainably sourced ingredients
6. Value to our customers and communities
7. Continuous innovation
8. Simplifying your skin routine

We say no to:
1. Preservatives
2. Toxins
3. Artificial, organically modified or chemically-sprayed ingredients
4. Animal testing
5. Compromise to quality or organic content


House of Life strives to enhance health, beauty and happiness and give a sense of personal rebirth and regeneration.

Our company is represented by a unique symbol of life. Developed by an artist for us in London, the outer circle signifies the lotus flower, known as the flower of life in ancient Egypt. The inner angled shape signifies a diamond gemstone which reflects the complexity of our skin, its brilliance and beauty. Finally, if you look closer you can see our initials H. O. L. from any angle.


Our skin is the largest and most complex organ we have but as we get older, its cells become less productive and we show outward signs of deterioration and age. Pollution, stress and digital screen radiation accelerate the ageing process even further, thus making us all preoccupied with anti-ageing ‘cures’.

At House of Life we don’t believe in peels and abrasion treatments which thin the skin, break down the lipid barrier (making your skin more vulnerable to sun damage) and can gradually wear down the skin’s collagen-producing fibroblasts. We believe the best way is to smile and work on rebuilding the skin’s integrity and defenses using natures’ most potent weapons, its plants. This stimulates collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration without irritation. Our formulas treat both multiple and individual ageing concerns, suitable for an ever changing environment, helping to:

• Improve and maintain skin health
• Fight the causes of premature ageing including sun-induced ageing (which scientists estimate is responsible for 90% of premature skin ageing)
• Enhance skin elasticity, firmness and smoothness
• Boost skin radiance and even out tone
• Minimise the occurrence and appearance of lines, wrinkles, dryness and enlarged pores


House of Life is a proud pioneer in the new era of herbalism and superfoods.

  • Preservative free: we are the first to offer 100% preservative free products that are safety tested.
  • Highest oil-to-water content: our creams provide an extremely high oil-to-water concentration to enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in penetrating through each skin layer.
  • Combination of wild herbs and super foods: we are the first to produce oils by infusing a combination of dry and fresh herbs and super foods to develop high performance anti-ageing oils.
  • Tried and tested: our products and ingredients have been tried and tested by our customers and in strict clinical trials.
  • Simplification: we offer multi-active all in one, natural, organic, anti-ageing creams and oils for day and night, aiming to simplify the skincare regime and making life easier.
  • Enhance individual choices and value: we are the first to offer choices of individually fragranced products. Currently our anti-ageing day and night creams are available in three individually fragranced scents. These provide individual preferences but also contain properties that help influence moods positively such as; balancing, calming, and lifting spirits which helps to enhance moods positively and reduce stress levels.


Before the advent of processed foods and modern stores, wild plants were a common dietary supplement. They were and are the ultimate natural multivitamin. Wild plants are power packed with phytonutrients, with hundreds of times the vitamin and mineral density than their intensive farmed cousins.

House of Life formulas feature organic or farm grade wild herbs and super nutrients which are carefully infused into high oleic cold-pressed sunflower oils through a slow steam-cooking process to retain maximum potency. The handmade filtered processes ensure our oils are super smooth and able to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. Cold-pressed sunflower oil by itself, contains the highest sources of essential omegas and our final blends contain one of the highest oil-to-water ratios available. All our oils are uniquely formulated in-house so that we can be certain of their quality and potency.

Our ingredients are clinically proven to contain naturally high levels of nutrients and powerful actives, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, retinol, omegas and mineral acids which are crucial to nourishing ageing skin.

All ingredients are organic, Ecocert-approved or sourced from wild farmed ingredients. Free from preservatives, synthetic emollients and artificial perfumes.


Our formulas are clinically tested on humans for safety and efficacy. Results show proven to help prevent and reduce wrinkles, improve skin firmness and smoothness, and fight against sun induced inflammation, which scientists estimate to be responsible for 90% of premature skin ageing.


At House of Life ‘GIFT’ is part of our philosophy. We are lucky enough to receive gifts from nature and we believe in returning the favour.

We have a sustainable sourcing policy and plant one tree (ozone purification plant) for every one used in our packaging, saving almost a third of the water we use in production. Packaging is recyclable and we are working with British farmers and suppliers to source local ingredients and manufacture here in the UK. By sourcing and manufacturing locally, we are helping to generate jobs and improve local economies.