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Our Innovations


House of Life is a proud pioneer in the new era of herbalism and superfoods.

Preservative free: we are the first to offer 100% preservative free products that are safety tested.

Highest oil-to-water content: our creams provide an extremely high oil-to-water concentration to enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in penetrating through each skin layer.

Combination of wild herbs and super foods: we are the first to produce oils by infusing a combination of dry and fresh herbs and super foods to develop high performance anti-ageing oils.

Tried and tested: our products and ingredients have been tried and tested by our customers and in strict clinical trials.

Simplification: we offer multi-active all in one, natural, organic, anti-ageing creams and oils for day and night, aiming to simplify the skincare regime and making life easier.

Enhance individual choices and value: we are the first to offer choices of individually fragranced products. Currently our anti-ageing day and night creams are available in three individually fragranced scents. These provide individual preferences but also contain properties that help influence moods positively such as; balancing, calming, and lifting spirits which helps to enhance moods positively and reduce stress levels.

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