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Our Founder

Debbrah Craven-Smith-Milnes dedicated the first two decades of her adult life to global technology innovations. Her passion for combining science and her interest in health and beauty as well as her experience of an extreme skin reaction caused by a ‘trusted’ suncare brand which resulted in a three week painful episode, led her to develop and launch her own unique organic skincare range House of Life London in 2016. After 3 years of extensive research and working with some of the top experts in the industry, she created the concept of ON SKIN IN BODY. Debbrah aspired to enhance health through ON SKIN IN BODY by delivering the best of organic skincare products that are based on proven science and replacing toxins and synthetic chemicals with intensive true natural organic nutrients aiming to feed, correct and protect the skin naturally, safely and effectively from the outside in. Combined with an active skincare and healthcare educational programme which shares research on the latest innovations in natural science, she hopes to help people make better choices and reduce the levels of synthetic chemicals and toxins they apply to their skin that are often linked to chronic and sometimes fatal diseases such as cancer.

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