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Our Formulas


Before the advent of processed foods and modern stores, wild plants were a common dietary supplement. They were and are the ultimate natural multivitamin. Wild plants are power packed with phytonutrients, with hundreds of times the vitamin and mineral density than their intensive farmed cousins.

House of Life formulas feature organic or farm grade wild herbs and super nutrients which are carefully infused into high oleic cold-pressed sunflower oils through a slow steam-cooking process to retain maximum potency. The handmade filtered processes ensure our oils are super smooth and able to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. Cold-pressed sunflower oil by itself, contains the highest sources of essential omegas and our final blends contain one of the highest oil-to-water ratios available. All our oils are uniquely formulated in-house so that we can be certain of their quality and potency.

Our ingredients are clinically proven to contain naturally high levels of nutrients and powerful actives, such as antioxidants, flavonoids, retinol, omegas and mineral acids which are crucial to nourishing ageing skin.

All ingredients are organic, Ecocert-approved or sourced from wild farmed ingredients. Free from preservatives, synthetic emollients and artificial perfumes.

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