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Combatting Winter Skin – Facing 2021 Feeling Fresher

Combatting Winter Skin – Facing 2021 Feeling Fresher

It has been particularly cold the last few weeks, cold wind and air brings it’s usual ailments of dry skin, puffy eyes, pink cheeks and runny noses during winter. This year of course brings a concoction of other concerns – stress, safety concerns, loneliness, financial pressures. This may well be the hardest winter many of us experience, and self care has never been more important for both for physical and mental wellbeing. We’d like to give you some useful tips to help take care of your skin this winter, so that you can enter 2021 feeling fresh, cared for, maybe just a little optimistic. 

  • Don’t overload on products

When our skin is feeling dry and tight, it can be tempting to slather ourselves in an array of lush smelling goodness that makes us feel silky and smooth – however overwhelming your skin with a mix of different chemicals can actually do more harm than good. The key is quality over quantity.  Invest in products that can lock moisture in the skin but at the same time contain actives that help to moisturise and fee skin and on cellular level. The majority of skincare products contain up to 98% of water with little active ingredients in them. We call them feel good products. Like fast foods these make you feel great for a short period of time but there aren’t much benefits over the long time. You will find that you need to use more and more overtime together the same feed good feeling. The House of Life skincare routine is built deliver simplicity to daily skincare but at the same time contain the highest Actives to Water ratio possible in skincare to keep skin hydrated and nourished on topical and cellular level. 

  1. Exfoliation and hydration are key

One of the main irritations of winter is dry, flaky skin. The first step to this is to ensure you are exfoliating using either a physical or natural chemical exfoliant. If using a chemical exfoliant, make sure it is not too harsh and that you don’t over layer or apply the product for longer than recommended. If you opt for a physical exfoliant, go for a gentle natural solution. Harsh chemical or physical exfoliant may deteriorate the ionic layer of the skin. The function of this layer of the skin is there to protect your skin so applying harsh exfoliants may make it thinner overtime and therefore it’s ability to protect your skin causing further skin dryness and sensitivity. In fact the jade-roller is a perfect tool to help skin exfoliate naturally and effectively without the need to use harsh chemicals.

  1. Focus on the eyes – jade roller

During winter, our eyes can feel dry and puffy. This is because humidity in the air drops and cold breezes can irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. Te skin layer around the eyes are thinner and therefore is more sensitive. To help your eyes feel hydrated and the skin around it tones and smooth, massaging the skin with a cool Jade Roller can ease puffiness and get the blood circulating. This reduces puffiness and calms irritation, helping you feel and look fresher.  Below you will see our 1 minute exercise that will help reduce puffiness around the face. It’s also great for calming your mood too. 

  1. Don’t skip on Protection

You don’t have to sit on a warm beach to get skin damage from the sun. Direct sunlight is with us all year round (even if it doesn’t feel like it) and skipping out on sunscreen can have lasting effects. Another source of harmful UV (ultraviolet) light comes our mobiles, computers, TVs and the screens we are facing daily. Another invisible and main culprit is Pollution. Pollution is prevalent in the winter months as it is in the summer. According to scientists 90% of the reasons why skin age much faster is because of UV and when combined with pollution it exelerate the skin ageing process even faster. We recommend to incorporate natural sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine. As technology advances, there are now SPF on the market that is based on natural chemicals rather than synthetic chemicals. We recommend to go for a SPF that is natural rather than synthetics because it will likely to cause less dryness your  winter skin. At House of Life, our expert scientists opt for an anti photoaging technology. This technology is clinically proven to help protect skin ageing from UV (ultraviolet) and also Pollution naturally.  We are proud to be one of the first skincare brand to incorporate this technology effectively into our daily products range. Our skincare solution is clinically proven to reverse multiple signs of ageing within weeks.

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