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Chelsea Musing: Our plant heritage and its healing properties

Chelsea Musing: Our plant heritage and its healing properties

It all began on May 20th, 1913 under the name of the ‘Great Spring Show’. Today we know it as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Based in our home town of London, this annual horticultural extravaganza is the place to find the world’s finest plants and we’re proud to report that we spotted many of our House of Life favourites around the site this year. From wild tetterwort and beggarticks, to tropical banana plants and the common potato, botanicals we actively include in our organic beauty treatments to heal, firm and replenish your skin, were on display in the incredible gardens and pavilions. 

As well as being in thrall to the brilliantly restorative power of plants, we love all the stories behind them. At House of Life London we strive to build on this legacy by creating a synergy with modern science.

We are proudly have the Flower of Life as our emblem. Better known as the waterlily, the flower of life stems from ancient Egypt, and represents skin rebirth and the regeneration of aspirations. The idea of rebirth comes from the way the waterlily’s petals open at dawn and close at dusk, giving off a beautiful perfume. 

As an evidence based organic skincare brand from the UK, using only organic ingredients from plants, the Chelsea Flower Show is always an inspiring, not-to-be-missed date for the diary.

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