Celebrities Make-up Artist Emma White Turle Recommends House of Life

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As a celebrity make up artist my clients often ask me to recommend an organic skincare brand to use. Within their profession actor’s skin is often subjected to harsh environments from lighting to extreme make up. It has been a long search to find one that is truly organic, that sit’s well under make up and also improves your skin. After having used House of Life London products, I would say this is the first 100% organic and preservative free skincare range that does all I need. It absorbs quickly, creates a beautiful texture on the skin and has a natural scent; more importantly works fabulously under make up. I also love the fact that my clients can choose which scent they want to apply depending on the time of the year, the mood they are in or where they are in the world. The research that has been done into these products is exceptional and the  clinically proven evidence that they protect the skin from photoageing, not just UV, is fantastic because this is exactly what our skin needs. I love using House of Life London products and would recommend them to any of my red carpets movie stars!’

Emma White Turle

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