A Brief History of Georgian Medicine

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A Brief History of Georgian Medicine - October Blog

Our philosophy here at House of Life London is all about enhancing wellbeing with innovative, clinically proven, natural and organic solutions. Always aiming to help improve health from the outside in, we believe that what we put on our skin is largely absorbed directly into our bloodstream, so has greater importance on the health of our whole body, not just our skin.

When our founder, Debbrah, started to look for a solution to her own skin woes, she discovered the ancient medicines from Georgia. Steeped in rich heritage and traditions, Georgian medicine draws from the principles of eastern and western medical practices.  Found at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, bordering Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgian medicine uses a mass of native plants to create home remedies and commercially marketed medicines.

Documents dating back to the Greco-Roman empires would have us believe that the infamous Medea is responsible for the word ‘medicine’ itself. The heroine Medea is embedded in Georgian history and transformed medicine into an art form.

Here are a few typical wild plants, native to the homelands of Georgia, and their medical benefits, all of which we have harnessed in our skincare ranges:Our Natural Actives - Herbal Science from Georgia

Here at House of Life, we work in partnership with Dr Lali Gegeshidze, one of Georgia’s most celebrated natural medicine doctors. Part of a family renowned for their expertise in herbalism, Dr Gegeshidze comes from generations of knowledge and experience in the study of plants and their powers to heal. She has devoted most of her adult life to developing the family’s recipes – which are used at her natural medicine clinic to treat issues such as scarring, acne, vitiligo and more.

Combining Georgian practical knowledge on these plants with scientific modern approaches to health has created our purified range of organic skincare for your overall health and wellbeing.  Discover more about our formulas here and shop the complete range here.






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