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Super Naturals

Harnessing the natural power of herbs, and superfoods such as organic fruits and vegetables, House of Life is here to help you not only look after and improve your skin, but to increase your happiness, health and beauty.

Working closely with Georgia’s Dr Lali Gegeshidze, House of Life combines the wonders of modern science with the ancient knowledge of plant-based medicine. If you’re looking for authentic, holistic and organic skincare products clinically proven to have a positive and noticeable effect on improving your skin’s firmness, minismising wrinkles and combating sun-induced inflammation, House of Life has exactly what you’re looking for.


By using a wide range of superfoods and herbs, House of Life harnesses the properties of nature to provide you with a skincare range that will leave you looking and feeling far more healthy and beautiful. Our exclusive range of products will address the needs of your skin without using harsh and harmful chemicals, giving you the results you want without causing damage to your skin.

We proudly use no fillers in any of our natural skincare products, instead creating potent and pure formulations that address your target areas. It’s our delicate and unique balance of ingredients that help to improve your skin’s appearance. We formulate our natural skincare oils in-house to ensure a high level of potency.


House of Life believes that just as nature gives us gifts, such as the wonderful herbs, fruits and plants that go into our skincare products, we should give back.

For every tree we use for the packaging of our organic skin care products, we replant an ozone purification plant to neutralise our carbon footprint and ensure all our packaging is 100% recyclable.  House of Life is also committed to generating the local economy and supporting local businesses by sourcing all our ingredients locally.

Our organic skincare range, including anti-wrinkle face oils, anti-ageing body oils and our day & night creams help you to help you become the best possible version of yourself. Take a look at our products and find the organic skincare solution you’re looking for.

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