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The 5 Essential Tips You Need To Prepare Your Skin For Wedding Season

The 5 Essential Tips You Need To Prepare Your Skin For Wedding Season

Your wedding is meant to be the most special day of your life: months of preparation, endless planning… all building up to one extraordinary day of celebration and happiness. Along with the fantasy dress, the dream flowers and the perfect hair, your skin is an equally important part of the day. You want to be a naturally glowing, beautiful version of your everyday self, but that’s not always easy to align with pre-day nerves, last minute guest list hiccups and the pressure of putting on potentially the biggest event of your life. However, it is possible if you start now with our House of Life pre-wedding prep featuring natural organic skincare tips: 

  1. Exercise is vital to your mental and skin wellbeing

Doing something active and fun is not just essential for your health and mood, but also for your skin. Sweating helps to flush the impurities and toxins from your complexion, while simultaneously helping your skin starting a cleansing process. The endorphins released will keep you positive. 

  1. Up your water intake

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. As obvious as it sounds, your skin needs water to stay balanced and fresh-looking; your body and mind needs it to help keep focused and prevent premature ageing. Try and drink two litres a day – we love adding slivers of cucumber or watermelon to a flask of still or fizzy water and sipping on it through the day.

  1. Don’t skimp on sleep

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep. While you sleep, growth hormones are produced to repair damaged cells – but this only occurs during the stages of deep sleep. Aim for eight hours a night to avoid dark circles. 

  1. Keep it natural and organic 

From your big day look, to the skincare ingredients you choose, the best way to achieve your glow is to stick to natural organic ingredients. Avoid chemical-based beauty products: not only can they harm your health but also speed up skin ageing. Plant essential oils are your friend and will help you get that dewy look you crave. 

  1. Think moisture and skin nutrition

Natural, organic moisturisers help boost skin nutrition by enhancing its elasticity, radiance and reducing the appearance of pores, but more importantly can control acne breakouts – something you’ll want to avoid before your wedding day. The moisturising ingredients in our House of Life London treatments don’t just feed your skin but will improve your health and mood – essentially for the glowing, happy bride.

Use our 100% natural and organic facial solutions; Absolute Face Repair Oil Blend N20 underneath our Absolute Face Protect and RepairCream N31 day and night. Combine this with our Intense Body Repair Oil Blend N13 to give your face and body the glow and nutrients needed for your special wedding day.

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